Our commercial Cleaning



Commercial cleaning

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning tailored to meet your needs and budget. Upon providing a quote, we provide our clients with a detailed list of specifications that will be followed by our cleaning team. Cleaning is regularly checked my the managment team to ensure quality is consistent and of a high standard. Communication between management and our clients is ongoing to ensure our clients are happy with the cleaning standard. 


End of tenancy cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleans make moving less stressful. Whether you are leaving or moving in, end of tenancy cleans are a minimum of four hours and require an on site viewing before quoting. 

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the basics for any office space, ideally done every 6-12 months depending on foot traffic. Carpet cleaning is not only great in regards to smell but it also livens up the fibres in the carpet, leaving it plush. Our method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning also termed hot water extraction. This method offers the most deep clean, more so than the surface level of cleaning that carpet shampooing and dry cleaning provide. This method is also superior when it comes to drying the carpet, ensuring no more than a few hours to dry completely.



Additional services we offer our clients:

  • Window cleaning

  • Floor scrubbing and polishing

  • Supply of consumables

  • Tea towel and hand towel services

  • Wash room deep cleaning