The importance of your building’s entrance

Highlight safety


To make a good first impression, begin by highlighting safety. An easy way to do this is to ensure you have grip mats near doors. By having a mat both inside and outside the front entrance, you’re ensuring leaves, dust and dirt are less likely to be walked through the foyer and the rest of the offices. Remember to ensure that cleaning the mats as well as underneath the mats is part of your commercial cleaners weekly or daily specifications. This simple addition can really maintain cleanliness in the office.


This is especially important when the weather is bad, walking into a building with tiles or wooden floors with wet shoes can lead to falls and slips. You may want to add an umbrella stand and possibly placing a wet floor stand to warn your customers on those rainy days. Auckland weather is especially unpredictable so making sure you’re prepared is key.


Create an entrance that is welcoming and friendly


If you have clients regularly visiting your premises, it’s important that they feel welcomed as soon as they step in the door. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure someone is either at the reception desk or close by. If you do not have a receptionist, ensure there is an easy way for your customer to notify someone that they are there, this can be in the form of a bell or an electronic sign in procedure.


Ensure there is somewhere comfortable for your clients to wait. Providing a space to sit with a water cooler and magazines to read show’s that you care about those who have come to your premises to seek your business.


Beautify your entrance


A popular way of doing this is with live plants or plant walls. Outsourcing this service means that you don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. This is however a more expensive option. For those wanting to beautify their entrance on a lower budget, buying a few indoor plants, ensuring the furniture is well kept and the general area is tidy would be a great start.


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Gina Vergottini