Spring cleaning your office

Just like spring cleaning is important for any home, it is also so for office buildings. Maintenance cleaning just doesn’t provide the time and methodical work that is needed to clean an office space from top to bottom. Depending on the office a deep clean should be conducted between 1-3 times per year and can include a large range of tasks.


It would be recommended to speak to your cleaners about the tasks included in a deep clean to ensure you’re both on the same page. Begin with the ceiling, are there fly droppings, grease build up on your kitchens ceilings? Discolouration in the corners, do fans need cleaning? Check your light fixtures and fittings.


Next, move to mid level cleaning. Ideally desks would be completely cleared so that a proper damp wiping of desks can take place, as well as office furniture, shelves etc. This is a chance to remove marks on walls, signs and doors. Check your window furnishings, do your blinds need cleaning? As well as windows and partition glass. If your touch points are not sanitised during maintenance cleans then this would be an opportunity to have door handles, phones and the computer mouse sanitised.


A deep clean is a chance to get the kitchen cleaned thoroughly which is important due to it often being the most used space in an office. This is also the reason that office kitchens can become a breeding ground of bacteria in a very short amount of time. Have the fridge and freezer cleaned and defrosted if needed. Have the oven and dishwasher cleaned and behind these larger appliances. Clean out all the cupboards and draws as well as the tops of the cupboards and fridge.


Bathrooms are again an important area. Begin with bathrooms’ fans and vents, light fittings and doors. Check if any drains need unblocking.


Finally, floors. Do carpets need cleaning? If you have vinyl floors, these need regular polishing to maintain the vinyl. Maintenance of vinyl is also important in ensuring that regular cleaning/mopping of floors is effective.


Deep cleaning is really a necessity for any office building and can breathe life into any space. A good time to conduct a spring clean for many businesses is over the Christmas break when staff are off work and it can be motivating when everyone returns again to start the year afresh.


At Vergo clean we provide all of our clients with a complimentary deep clean yearly. This helps our cleaners to maintain a high standard throughout the year and ensures the often missed tasks are completed.


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Gina Vergottini