Avoiding the flu this winter

As we enter into the cold season we can start to look forward to sipping on a hot chocolate while enjoying an open fire, rugging up in our favourite winter woollies…and of course drowning in dirty tissues and eating 20+ throat lozenges as we tackle the flu. 


The flu is the most common reason that employees take leave and this is of course a productivity killer for your business especially when it spreads like wildfire across the office.


There are however ways to protect your office employees from the flu:


Disinfecting: Regularly cleaning is of course the most obvious way to prevent the spread of germs in the office. If your current provider is cleaning once a week, ask them to up the frequency for the winter period.


Talk to your commercial cleaner about providing a disinfecting program during the winter months. This will include a focus on disinfecting touch points such as door handles, kitchen cupboards and desks, office supplies and shared furniture. Routine disinfecting is really an effective way to prevent the flu, as good disinfecting kills 90% of germs, including the flu virus.


Make getting the flu vaccination easy for your staff: According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) those who get their flu vaccine are 60% less likely to get sick in winter. Working health make this even easier by providing this service in your workplace. For those who are absent, vouchers are available. Working health have an online booking system and flexible booking options means you have no excuses.


Prevent the spread of germs via education and example: Simple hygiene is really effective in preventing germs spreading and often influenced by the culture of your work place. Is maintaining a clean and tidy environment part of your work culture?


We recommend following the below guidelines:

-       Encourage staff to stay home when sick

-       Wash hands frequently with hot soapy water

-       Provide hand sanitiser

-       Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes

-       Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and dispose of tissue straight away

-       Avoid close contact with other staff, avoid shaking hands. If unavoidable wash hands straight away

-       Keep touch points clean and disinfected-desks, kitchen surfaces & appliances, door handles

-       Use your own equipment, avoid co-worker’s phones, desks, equipment

-       Maintain a healthy lifestyle, rest, diet and exercise helps to maintain physical and mental health



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Gina Vergottini