One-off/single instance commercial cleaning services

Single instance cleaning can include many different cleaning services that a company may require. One-off cleans require experienced cleaners to ensure the job is done efficiently and to a high standard, especially since this type of cleaning can often be last minute.


Many commercial cleaning companies don’t offer additional services other than regular maintenance cleaning. It’s important to check with the company first as to whether the service you’re requesting is a fundamental service they offer. This is to ensure you receive a high quality service that isn’t contracted out or done to a mediocre standard.


Examples of one-off/ single instance cleaning services that we at Vergo Clean offer:


·      Window cleaning, if not done correctly can actually make windows look worse. The correct solution and equipment is very important to ensure beautifully clean windows even when the sun is shinning through.


·      Carpet cleaning- our method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning also termed hot water extraction. This method offers the most deep clean, more so than the surface level of cleaning that carpet shampooing and dry cleaning provide. This method is also superior when it comes to drying the carpet, ensuring no more than a few hours to dry completely.


·      Floor scrubbing and polishing is a maintenance service that is very important due to the neglect of floor maintenance resulting in difficulty cleaning floors. When the polish of vinyl floors begins to degrade, dirt becomes stuck and attached to the floor, making cleaning of the floors very difficult.


·      End of tenancy cleaning- this level of cleaning requires deep cleaning that may also include carpet and window cleaning.





Many factors are taken into consideration when providing the cost for a single instance clean.


·      Accessibility- accessible parking, the height of windows, foot traffic, time and security constraints.


·      Site information- Carpet/flooring size and type, ceiling and window height, number of bathrooms, kitchens, desks, the current condition/cleanliness of the building.


·      We will never provide a price estimation over the phone or email. A site visit is always required to gather the above information and to establish a fair price.


Vergo Clean is a commercial cleaning company based in Auckland New Zealand. We specialise in providing regular office cleaning services as well as single instance cleaning. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality services that are high in standard and consistent. If you’re looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, get in contact today.

Gina Vergottini