Bathroom decorum: To leave the toilet seat up or down…

We’ve all had the debate, toilet seat up or down? Fold or crumple? As far as debates go, in my experience this one can get heated. We are here today to debunk these myths and get down to the nitty gritty truth.

To leave the toilet seat up or down

Debated by many a couple, the answer is simply….down. This is not due to the fact that women don’t like to touch the seat in order to use it again (as I’ve been told by many on the opposing team) it’s actually due to germs. When the toilet is flushed a cloud of microorganisms, more specifically faecal particles, bacteria, water and urine travel far and wide…even as far as your tooth brush. Putting the seat down lessons this travelling of germs from one side of the bathroom to the other.

To crumple or fold

Getting a little personal here…to fold or crumple? If you’re wanting to be environmentally friendly, then folding is the way to go as it’s said to use less paper as well as being the most popular method, although only by a slim margin. Going on this info we will declare that to fold your toilet paper is the correct method in this instance.

Over versus under

The man himself, Seth Wheeler, inventor of perforated toilet paper’s illustration of his creation clearly demonstrates the toilet paper going over the roll. This is again demonstrated in googles patents database. There are however some interesting notions for both methods such as the transferring of germs, appearance and the under method being harder for a pet to unravel. If this is a topic that really interest’s you we recommended having a read of Wikipedia’s detailed for and against evidence.

We hope these insights have given you some ammunition for the next time Mark from accounts leaves the toilet seat up or your wife insists on placing the toilet rolls in an underneath fashion. Your evidence is now backed up by fact.

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Gina Vergottini