Unlikely items in your office that need cleaning

Office plants

When you look closely you may be surprised by how much dust is sitting on the leaves of your plants. This is bad news not only for those working in close proximity to the dusty plants, it can also be harmful for the plant itself. Not cleaning your plants leaves can actually stress the plant and reduce its ability to photosynthesise. Gently dusting the leaves with a microfiber cloth and warm water will do the trick, you may want to even whisper a few words of kindness to your plant at the same time to encourage its growth and happiness.


Behind the fridge

If you’ve ever cleaned behind a fridge before you’ll know that it’s an area that can harbour many unusual items. It’s also a spot where food likes to fall and rotting food leads to pests. For this reason alone, it’s important to clean behind the fridge at least once a year.


Your keyboard

Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom? It may be a good idea to wash your hands after using your keyboard too, as it’s been said that some keyboards harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat. This can easily be done by using a disinfectant wipe and gently giving each individual key a once over. It’s also recommended that you include the disinfecting of your phone and mouse in your office cleaners specifications list so that it is done regularly.

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Gina Vergottini