Quality Carpet Cleaning

Ideally done every 6-12 months depending on foot traffic, carpet cleaning is very effective in regards to smell and livening up fibres, leaving the carpet feeling plush and the office fresh.


Why our carpet cleaning method works best:


Our hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning offers the deepest clean, more so than the surface level cleaning that carpet shampooing and dry cleaning provide. This is due to the fact that it also gently brushes the pile rather than just extracting the hot water.


Our method is also superior when it comes to drying the carpet, ensuring no more than a few hours to dry completely so you're not left with any damp smells and you can continue your business as usual.

We conduct a thorough commercial vacuum beforehand which ensures the best carpet clean possible.

We are experienced in the removal of marks and stains. Eliminating stains from the carpet can really help to make a space look fresh and clean.


 If you’re after a regular quality commercial cleaner in the Auckland area or you’d like to get your carpets professionally cleaned give us a call today.

Gina Vergottini