How commercial cleaning can help you to eliminate fire hazards in your office

1.     The removal of dust


Not only is a build up of dust harmful in regards to allergies and the comfort of staff and customers but it’s also a fire hazard. This is especially a concern when dust builds up in areas close to heat such as electricity sources and heaters. Excess dust may lead to a fire spreading more quickly.


One of the main focuses of regular office cleaning is to remove dust that accumulates on desks, behind desks, underneath desks and other furniture. The removal of dust not only helps in the prevention of fires but also maintains a higher air quality.



2.     Dirty computers


It’s known that electronic devices especially those in bad condition are a fire risk. Dust can be found in a computers fans, on mouses and screens. The build up of dust increases the heat and therefore increases the risk of ignition.


As part of a cleaning service the dusting of computers should be a regular occurrence not only for reasons such as cleanliness and appearance but also safety.



3.     Paper and rubbish


Paper is highly flammable making it an obvious concern when it comes to fire risk. Paper bins are often tucked away in corners and placed near walls and power outlets. This means if a fire does occur the wastepaper bins may result in the fire spreading more rapidly. A suggestion would be to remove wastepaper from these spot and ensure it is removed and disposed of regularly by your cleaners.

Gina Vergottini