Is eco-friendly cleaning the way to go for your office?

We come into contact with chemicals everyday, from car fumes to fly spray. Cleaning products are just another chemical that can affect our bodies in harmful ways. Some compounds used in non-green products have been linked to reproductive problems, impaired neurological functions and respiratory irritants. Using eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your offices, we believe is an easy way to decrease the exposure to chemicals and possible side-effects.

Here are some more reasons for using eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your offices:


-       They contribute directly to indoor air quality

-       Choosing products that have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) improves overall health

of people working inside buildings as well as staff using the products 

-       The most common ingredients in green products are hydrogen peroxide, citric acid & lactic

acid which are all considered safer antimicrobials

-       Surfactants used in green products, the chemicals that help separate dirt from a surface are

healthier & more biodegradable than those used in non green products

-       Phosphates used in non green products can deplete the oxygen in bodies of water

-       Eco-friendly cleaning products work just as well as non-eco products

If Eco-friendly cleaning is for you, call Vergo Clean to help you with your commercial cleaning requirements.