Non conventional ways to get your co-workers to like you...

New to the office? Not sure why Sam hasn’t invited you to after work drinks? You may be falling victim to some of the "do not’s" in your office. If so, we’ve got some advice for you! Follow these 3 tips and you may form some great friendships, just like the bunch of idiots in this blogs photo.


1.     Stop bringing universally unacceptably smelling foods to work. That means no tuna salad, No boiled eggs and definitely no fish pie. Show some respect for that microwave and your co-workers eating lunch in the small, cramped lunch room and bring a cucumber sandwich instead.


2.     Get to tidying that desk. (57%) admit they judge their co-workers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. Do you really need 5 different staplers, your family photo album on the wall and a collection of last years’ petrol station collector’s items lined up on your computer screen? Keep the clutter at bay, and your workmates might begin to warm up to you.


3.     “Clearing out the entire fridge at 5pm!!” Sound familiar? Get there before your mostly nice, sometimes threatening office manager does and get rid of that 5-day old sashimi that’s been sitting in the fridge for a rainy day.


We can't help you with any real social skills or your contribution or "lack of" to any of the actual work you do. What we have done, is provide you with some simple tips on how you're less likely to piss off Jude a few desks down from you who's angry stares are predominantly due to the fact that your Star Wars figurines are blocking his view of Martha and are in no way a reflection of his feelings towards you.