The most germ-infested office spots….and it’s not the toilet seat!

Your desk

The place in which you spend majority of your time, your desk is a breeding ground for bacteria. Using your desk as a place to eat only contributes to this. The phone, keyboard and mouse contain large amounts of bacteria due to the frequency in which they are used. Hot desks are even more prone to becoming germ-friendly due to the frequency of people using them. Having your desk cleaned and disinfected regularly is vital. An idea would be to keep a microfiber cloth and some spray and wipe handy. Give the surfaces a quick dust regularly, it won’t take you more than a minute!


The office kitchen

Kitchen cleanliness is very important for the obvious reason in which it is where we handle our food. Handles, microwaves, coffee machines and appliances can be crawling with bacteria and are often missed when it comes to cleaning. These items need to be cleaned both on the outside and inside to ensure a proper clean.


The reception area

The reception area can be an important element for the office, allowing you to give clients good impressions when they enter your office for the first time.  If you have a busy office, the lobby will be a high traffic area. Focusing on fixture cleanliness, clean windows and keeping doorways cobweb free is important.


Keeping your office clean and germ free, is important not only to prevent sickness and allergies but to create a space that is inviting for clients and a pleasant space to work in.

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