How to chose the right commercial cleaning company for you

1.     Insurance

 Make sure the cleaning company have public liability insurance. This is essential as the majority of office cleaning is done after hours. Many things can go wrong, simple mistakes such as leaving a tap running can result in expensive consequences. I would suggest asking to see the company’s policy.


2.     Ask around

 If a commercial cleaning company is recommended, then chances are that they’ve impressed the client with their work. Many of our clients have been obtained by word of mouth and from being recommended. If the company has been obtained via other means, then ask for references from current clients or take a look on their website to see if they have testimonials displayed.


 3.     Security and vetting

 Ask the cleaning company in question for their security policies. How do they ensure access information is kept safe?  Where do they store keys? Are the staff vetted?


4.     Meet the owner/manager

 When you request a cleaning quote, the manager will visit your premises to obtain your cleaning requirements. Discuss your needs and concerns and ask questions. Ask about their cleaning experience and company values. Ask about quality control, is cleaning inspected? What are their quality control measures? How often will you be in contact with the manager? Does the manager themselves inspect the cleaning? These questions will give you a good idea as to how much input the manager has in regards to the quality of the clean you can expect. This also gives you a chance to get a feel for the company, their values and focus.

If you’re after a commercial cleaning service provider in the Auckland area, get in contact with us today.

Gina Vergottini