The one product our cleaners are never without

The magic sponge is one of our most valued products we use as a cleaning company and I recommend everyone use them in their homes. The name basically sums up the power of this little ordinary looking sponge. From getting marks off walls to removing scum in the bathroom, we use the sponge to clean every room in the office.

So how does the sponge actually work? Originally designed as an insulation product the material is called melamine foam. The open cell foam is micro porous and its polymeric substance is very hard. For cleaning it works as an extremely fine sandpaper but still feels soft. It works like a pencil eraser and only needs water to work so no nasty chemicals are needed. It can get almost any mark of walls but because of its sandpaper like substance it’s important to use it very gently on any painted surfaces and to wipe clean with a microfiber cloth to avoid permanent marking.


We are so fond of our sponges, cleaning would be so much more difficult without this little piece of magic!

If you’re in need of a clean office space, call Vergo Clean to help you with your office cleaning requirements.

Gina Vergottini