The commercial cleaning services we offer

Regular office cleaning

This service is tailored to the clients needs. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, frequency is determined by the client and their cleaning requirements. Frequency can be adapted as needed, for example an increase in staff numbers. Regular office cleaning involves maintenance cleaning of common areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and office areas. We also offer additions for our regular cleaning clients such as hand towel and tea towel services as well as supplying consumables.


Window cleaning

Having windows cleaned is a great way to make an impact on a commercial site. Nothing brightens an office space more than streaming sunlight through clear, clean windows. After ten years experience cleaning windows, our staff are expert windows washers no matter the height or size.


End of tenancy cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleans make moving less stressful. Whether you are leaving or moving in, end of tenancy cleans really spruce up the office for new tenants. The amount of cleaning needed really varies depending on the condition of the site. A walk through and discussion with the occupants provides enough information to provide a quote.


Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the basics for any office space, ideally done every 6-12 months depending on foot traffic. Carpet cleaning is not only great in regards to smell but it also livens up the fibres in the carpet, leaving it plush. Our method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning also termed hot water extraction. This method offers the most deep clean, more so than the surface level of cleaning that carpet shampooing and dry cleaning provide. This method is also superior when it comes to drying the carpet, ensuring no more than a few hours to dry completely.


Floor scrubbing and polishing

Floor polishing is a speciality service that maintains vinyl floors, most often bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Polishing is important in regards to protecting the flooring surface, removing scum and watermarks and to restore the lustre and shine.

Gina Vergottini