An organised office space means an organised mind

Creating a clutter free office that is comfortable and familiar to you, can bring calm and focus to your work space. Here are some tips on how to clear your space. 

Weekly clean up

Spend half an hour every Friday cleaning and maintaining your space. Friday’s are usually a little slower and this means come Monday morning, you’ll be thankful for a tidy space to work in. Having a neat and clean working space is not only beneficial to you and your work, but It also portrays the idea to your co-workers and clients that you yourself are a tidy and efficient worker. Keeping your desk clutter free, means that the cleaners can also give your desk a more thorough clean.

Organise your supplies

Organise stationary and equipment in a way that works for you. In order to maintain organisation of each project you are working on, use a designated notepad and one designated file folder for each case, project, or deal you’re assigned to. Clearly mark each notepad and file folder with the case, project, or deal information it contains. An idea is to use different colours for different projects or different items. While it’s tempting to combine these for multiple cases, your organisation will suffer from it.

When a co-worker or client comes into your office and asks you for information on a particular assignment, you want to be able to do so without chaotically scrabbling through all of the paperwork on your desk.


Create order by creating files with detailed labels and categories (i.e., research and working files, personal/firm information files). Place all hard copy documents in their appropriate files. If hard copy files are not needed, ensure your computer files are also tidy and categorised.

Personal items

Try keep personal items out of sight to avoid your office looking like your bedroom. Use draws and cupboards for personal items or an empty bankers box as a designated shoe/personal items box. Keep the box in a cupboard or under your desk and out of sight.


Your work space should reflect your personality and it should resemble a space you would like to spend a fair amount of time in. Blank walls can be uninviting and suggest that you don’t intend to be with your firm for an extended time. If you like simplicity or do not know what to put on your walls, hang up your framed qualifications and place other personal items such as photographs on your desk.

Building an organisational system and creating a familiar, professional atmosphere from will ensure that, as your practice gets busier, your office will remain a comfortable, productive working space for you.

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