To keep your office smelling nice, use these 5 tips!

When we're stuck working in the same environment we can become blind to how the office looks, feels and smells. Does your office smell like a mixture of coffee and pencils with a touch of Sally's Tuna salad she had for lunch? If your office space is a meeting point for clients, focus on these tips to ensure you're keeping your office smelling clean and fresh.

Have your office cleaned regularly by professionals

The easiest step is to clean your office regularly. Professional commercial cleaners use specific products and equipment to make sure the job is done properly. When cleaning is done frequently, it prevents build up of dust and grime. 

Open the windows

Working in a stuffy, hot environment doesn't do anyone any good. Sometimes we don't notice the stale air until we feel a headache coming on or someone else points it out. Open the windows and let the sunshine in! It's a simple way to rid any stubborn odours or smells. Fresh air circulating ensures everyone will feel awake, alert and ready to work. 

Maintain bathroom cleanliness

Bathrooms can smell terrible if not cleaned regularly. Ask your cleaner how often they suggest the bathroom be cleaned, based on your number of employees. Your cleaner may be able to provide urinal deodoriser blocks and air fresheners. 

Maintain the break room

No one likes the guy who brings in Tuna or boiled eggs for lunch. Unfortunately that is something that can't be controlled. We suggest paying special attention to the fridge and microwave and making sure old food isn't left in the fridge. Leaving food out, especially sweet food and fruit can also attract fruit flies. Create a culture where everyone cleans up after themselves, does their dishes and doesn't leave cutlery on their desks. 

Use nice scents around the office

Nice subtle scents can really make a space feel inviting. We suggest plug-in air fresheners and essential oil diffusers. 

If you’re in need of a commercial cleaner, get in contact with Vergo Clean to help you with your office cleaning requirements.