The best way to brighten up your office space

It’s that time again, time to open the curtains, let the sun shine in and….clean those windows.

Nothing brightens a home or office space more than streaming sunlight through clear, clean windows.

At Vergo Clean we have our window cleaning method sorted. After years of trying different techniques, the good old squeegee is the way to go.

Some cleaning companies and home owners may use a spray bottle and microfiber cloth. This can cause problems however. This method means that moisture can be left on the glass or areas of the glass and cause some of it to be absorbed into the surface. As you start to dry one area of the glass the cloth gets wetter and wetter and so each area of the glass gets left with a different amount of chemical, water and minerals on it. Sometimes this isn’t easily visible but in different light, the glass will show up with smears.

We find that the best method is to use a squeegee. This is because it has a sharp, soft rubber edge that absorbs nothing. When used correctly it squeegees the water evenly off the glass leaving a perfect reflection.

We use a window cleaning solution that cuts through geese and grime and it helps the squeegee glide. We don’t want to see the solution on the glass if we make a mistake and we don’t want to see a cloudy film around the edges, leaving the windows shinning.

When using the correct equipment, cleaning windows is easy.  Cleaning windows is such a great way to brighten your home or office space and really freshen up your space. 

If you’re in need of an office cleaner, get in contact with Vergo Clean to help you with your commercial cleaning requirements.